About Me

33 years old and pretty much waited way too long to figure out that being a girl means more then just being one. Recently as of May, I started getting Ipsy Subscription bags and wearing makeup. My YouTube channels consisted of Japanese cooking shows but now have a healthy dose of makeup channels mixed in.

I'm not like this now for any other particular reason then my own. I felt a change was needed in life, you know? I'll never be the pretty Barbie doll but I will be her awesome friend Midge.

My skittish, fuzzy overloard Jareth (responds to Boo)

  • I like bats, frogs and crows. (which made my mother call me a witch)
  • Fall is my favorite season
  • Citrus, pumpkin and fresh laundry are my favorite scents
  • I am a huge fan of sushi, apples, watermelon and dark, dark chocolate.
  • A bookworm and a nerd. An amazing duo, or so I've been told
  • Stephen King is my go-to read.

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