Monday, December 23, 2013

December Ipsy Bag

 This month's was quite a surprise! I got my email on the 12th stating that the bag was coming and by magic it was already on my doorstep. Something tells me that the email and bags ended up all flustered. The best part is that my mom finally got a bag as well.

The bag that came was a lovely little black number with a great texture to it. The inside is a red vinyl. Great for you to take to a end of the year party!

Pop Beauty Bright up your Life Eye Shadow Trio in Naturally Bare or Smokin Hot
Not sold as a set of 3 but a 10 shade set is $24.00
Pop Beauty
I'd received Naturally Bare which were a nice neutral set and Mom go the Smokin Hot which were shades of grey to black. I'd heard of Pop Beauty and they might have been in Ipsy before but I'm not sure. I haven't worn them yet but the texture is real soft when I just ran a finger through them. The prices on the site seem to be a little more then I'd expected but depending on the wear ability of the shades it might make up for that in the long run. Usually more price seem to be an indicator for higher quality.

Be a Bombshell The One Stick in Flustered, Girl Crush or Sunset
7.3g(on package)
Be a Bombshell Cosmetics
Don't quote me but I think I had gotten Girl Crush while Mom got Flustered. This was our first trade off. She didn't like how bold Flustered looked and I thought it looked lovely. I was happy to give her my shade even though it was just as pretty. This is one of those do-all kind of makeup items. Apparently, according to the website this could be used on eyes, cheeks or lips. I tried it out on my lips and at first there's a very moist consistency that fades but the color is lovely! Another brand that is a little pricey but great quality. A few products end up in the Ipsy bags and I have to say I liked them all.

Nicka K New York Nail Polish in Classic Taupe or Rich Apple
Nicka K New York
As you might have guessed, Mom and I got different colors again. I grabbed up the Taupe which I have no colors in my meager collection that match it and she snagged the Rich Apple I got. We tried the Taupe and it didn't take long to dry. Almost comparable to my favorite brand Rimmel 60 seconds. The only nail polishes that I'd received up til this point were the Nailtinis so I was excited to see a new one.

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in B52, Sky Pink, Ceto, Iced Honey, Cream, Celene, Iris Sunflower, Goddess, Fusion, Hermes, Mute, Miracle, Hades, Muse, Rose, Hebe, Fortune Cookie, or Apollo
NYX Cosmetics
I ended up with both of these shades Ceto and B52. NYX has been in the bags before under an eyeshadow. They wern't kidding when they called these Extra Creamy because they really are. They feel moist and satiny. Ceto is the name of a sea goddess a daughter of Gaia and B52 is the name of either a plane or a band. Not sure why the names match the soft colors as one is a rose color and the other a pale gold.

Demeter Snow Perfume Oil Rollon
Demeter Fragrance
After the initial "what is this brand?" hit me and the realization that I actually knew it, well I was just excited to try this! I'd seen someone mention this brand online and the different fun scents they have. You think of perfume and you instantly think flowers and the like. Not Demeter. Oh no. Sure they have some flowers but how about Laundromat, Wet Garden, Dirt, Cannibis Flower, Grass, Celery and more! I've been wearing it all week and I just love the scent. Snow doesn't smell like literally snow but it's a clean or cool scent.

Price of bag: $10.00
Price of items in bag: About $40 so items I would love to try but normally could not afford all together, I got for only $10.

Items that subscribers could have received:
Mirabella eye blender brush [mom got instead of the perfume]
English Laundry signature fragrances
Ardell Natural Lashes
Andrea Strip Lashes
Salon Perfect perfectly natural strip eyelashes
J.Cat Beauty Big lip Pencil
Jesse's Girl Julie G Holiday Frosted Gum Drops nail polish
Starrily nail polish 

I should be getting my next Bonjour Jolie subscription box and I just got a few new products on some recent sales at the drug store so I think I'll do a post on that as well. See ya soon!

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