Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Ipsy Bag

You guessed right if you think it's Ipsy bag bloggity blog time! This month mom and I got the exact same product and colors. And for a treat! I made a video of me unbagging it! It's my first video so enjoy the fumbling and newb-like instances.

February is all about love for a simple reason, St. Valentine's Day. And Ipsy gave it a grand showing with it's newest bag. The bag is a softer almost nylon texture like last month and inside it's pink cheetah. (Btw I say Leopard in my judging I was nervous lol.) The Look of Love was on the card with three pink lips, the back once again is the contest where if you take a picture of the bag and post to instagram or FB you could win a year subscription.

POP Beauty 
Plump Pout Mini in Fuschia Freesia (Peony Petals)
$16.00 (size not shown on the website)

We'd gotten a lip crayon before in July's bag. It was really nice in texture, pigment, scent etc even if the color was bright for me. Now... that being said, I was kinda disappointed in some parts of this lip slick. The product itself doesn't stay tacky like you'd think a gooey lip slick would be. It mellows out and takes on a soft texture with great pigment. The smell and the taste on the other hand. Maybe it was just mine because I've watched unboxing videos where people didn't have a problem. I couldn't handle it even tho it looked gorgeous on.

Nail Polish in Dot (Odette)
0.5oz Full size

I'm a sucker for nail polishes. We had a very pretty dark metallic blue before and it was nice in pigment and thickness. The color is a soft baby pink which I currently do not own so this is a great thing to have been given for me. 

Tini Beauty
Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in One in Violette an Ipsy exclusive (Spiced Rum or Ambrosia)
0.14oz full size

Tini Beauty is the same company that makes the Nailtini nail polishes like the lovely metallic silver we got in the December bag. The Cream Shadow + Base in One is very creamy and light. I tried it out on my mother's eyes the second we opened the bags and it is an extremely pretty purple. (Her favorite color, thank you Ipsy!) 

Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud
2 packets 0.28 oz (2 steps)
$39.00 for 6 masks at 0.28oz each

This one is going to be a toughie because I rarely use masks for various reasons including temperamental skin. From what the website says, this has Ice Age Mud from 13,000 yrs ago collected from fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe. That is quite intriguing all on its own. It has 2 steps which includes not only the mud/clay but then a gel layer that will foam. 

J. Cat Beauty
Eyelashes + Eye Glue

This is another product that I don't use but you know what, even still I can give it to a friend or my sister if it's something they can use. That's the beauty of the Ipsy bag, $10 dollars and you get products that you either like or don't BUT it doesn't matter because someone will like it. It's something I could try out as well honestly for the first time. Eyelashes look fabulous on so many women and hey, it could look great on me too!

Overall feelings - 3 out of 5 are a good deal for me. The nailpolish alone was nearly enough to pay for the whole bag. 

Voila! Video below of my wonderful hands showing you the products above

See you again when my Bonjour Jolie comes in!

Other products possible:
Mally Beauty eyeliner
City Color blush
Uberliss Rituoil
First Aid Beauty skin cleanser
Phyto - C gel
Dr. Lin Skincare spot corrector
IPKN NY BB creme
Pacifica Body Butter
NuMe mask
Jesse's Girl 9 pan eyeshadow

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