Sunday, August 3, 2014

June Ipsy Bag

Summer has finally showed 2 months ago BUT! it still is here and not nearly finished. Rebecca Minkoff designed this months bag and I swear before we got it, I had seen this pattern in a magazine or on a tv show. I had serious deja vu when I saw it. 

Pretty In Paradise

I'm going to say right off that this month's bag was a bit disappointing. Now that doesn't mean you won't like it at all. Each person has their likes and dislikes when it comes to the products that we are getting for nearly nothing. $10 for a makeup bag filled with 4-5 samples/full size products.

Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara
9g (full size)

This was one product that I was excited for because the company so far has sent a good number of products to try in Ipsy that I have absolutely loved. Unfortunately, this product also caused a stir. From all the reports, either a bad batch was sent out, they took something out to be more friendly to people with allergies or straight up forgot to add fragrance to the mascara. Either way it has the WORST smell ever in the history of me trying out makeup. Not that the product is bad in anyway (most people seem to find it was non-clumping and stayed very well), just that the smell was something to not get over.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
1.52oz (sample)
$8.79 for 4.2 fl. oz

Last summer, if I'm not mistaken, we'd gotten another beach spray. That one made my hair look....interesting to say the least. I have not tried this but passed it on to a friend who loves it. The description says that it makes your hair all beach wavy and if you have curly hair, adds more volume. I always feel like a drowned rat after the beach and don't see the allure of having this style hair for an everyday look but hey, that's me.

Nyx Butter Gloss (Eclair, Creme Brulee, and Apple Strudel)
8ml (full size)

I literally just learned about these glosses probably about a week before I'd gotten the bag and every vlogger I watched raved about them. I gotta say they are pretty good but pros come with cons. The gloss is non-sticky and goes on medium coverage. I'd gotten the Creme Brulee so it's a bit fair for my lips but still nice. After wearing and when it comes off either by talking/eating or by tissue, it leaves the lips very soft for quite a bit. The only con I really have is that you have to make sure you're lips are moisturized and not flaking otherwise it sticks to these spots and looks very strange. That's not a bad con at all because it can be fixed.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil
0.4oz (full size)

I admit I haven't tried this yet because I'd never done eyebrows before. It has a beeswax base to it so it should go on smoothly. The link above actually leads to the product page which has instructions on how to make the perfect brow. I thought that was pretty neat of them to do.

0.16oz (deluxe sample can be purchased for $6.99 on their site)
$24.99 for 3.4oz

Again, this may be a product for other people and that doesn't mean it's a bad scent just because I do not like it. .....cuz I don't. Pomegranate, persimmon, orchids, lotus blossom, champaca flower, amber, violets, and mahogany wood. All that put together doesn't scream the woods or hunting to me. Realtree is camouflage gear for hunters or anyone and now they've come out with a female version of everything including perfume. It smells cheap, like 90's teenage imposter perfume cheap.

Btw in case anyone is wondering, if I don't like a product I have friends and family who will gladly accept them so it's not like I'm paying for this service only to throw them away.

Other products that can be received:
DERMADoctor DD creme
Nicka K New York Eyeliner
Carol's Daughter Anti Frizz
clariSEA Exfoliant
Dove Macadamia Oil
Essence of Beauty Fragrance Mist
Jesse's Girl Eyeliner
Laneige BB Creme
MDSolar Sciences Sunscreen
Skinn Cleansers

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